Pathways Center for Eating Disorder Recovery, Inc.
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Helping to begin anew by renewing the spirit.


Our center is located in Louisville, Kentucky and provides treatment in a caring environment for individuals with eating disorders. Pathways was established in response to a lack of treatment facilities in the State of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Our programs are geared toward helping the client overcome the physical response patterns associated with eating disorders, and to uncover psychological, emotional, and environmental triggers as well.

Clients learn to develop the skills to enhance self-image and self-esteem; to effectively manage problematic behaviors; improve interpersonal relationships; gain an understanding of the issues which underlie the eating disorder, and develop a spiritual foundation for healthy relationships with food and body in order to gain a level of recovery to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Our center's of recovery practices and counseling services are designed to support, educate, and empower both clients and families.

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