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We believe that eating disorders are similar to other addictive disorders, and therefore require an ongoing recovery process. Pathways’ intention is to provide a continuum of services to patients and families at the least restrictive level of care to assure ongoing recovery.

Therapist Training Programs
If you are a therapist looking to offer eating disorder programs for your clients, please click here.

5-Day Eating Disorder Program
The emphasis is to place individuals in a retreat setting where they can begin to interrupt the processes of their eating disorder. The 5-Day Program consists of a week of milieu therapy including gentle eating, meal planning and preparation, 12-Step work, spirituality, educational and feeling groups, and more.

Weekly Programs (Individual / Group)
TThe Weekly Programs consist of Individual, Family, Couple, and Group sessions for clients who are able to maintain a food plan, yet have related life issues to be dealt with in order to prevent relapses, as well as build a greater sense of “holistic” self. Please call for Individual appointments and Group times.

Family Program
Recovery from eating disorders and food addiction hinges upon involvement of the individual’s family. Families are educated about eating disorders and codependency issues so that they can learn how to begin their own recovery process.

The Family Program consists of one two-hour session each week for six-weeks, involving the individual, and up to three family members in group counseling sessions.

Adolescent Program
Our approach to adolescent treatment is based on the needs of the entire family. The focus is on working with the individual’s eating disorder, and the family’s co-dependency issues.

Our AfterCare Programs are also valuable resources for individuals transitioning from long term inpatient facilities to help them readjust to everyday living.

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