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What is It?
This eating disorder screening can assist in determining whether an individual may have an eating disorder. If you have any concerns about yourself or someone you know, please seek professional help immediately.

Take this short but accurate screening:

  1. Do you make yourself sick because you feel uncomfortably full?
  2. Do you worry you have lost control over how much you eat?
  3. Have you recently lost more than 15 pounds in a three-month period?
  4. Do you believe yourself to be fat when others say you are too thin?
  5. Would you say that food dominates your life?

Understanding the Results
Any person answering "yes" to two or more of these five questions is quite likely to have an eating disorder.

What Should I Do?
If you or someone you know is possibly suffering from an eating disorder, please contact us. Our friendly, professional staff will answer all of your questions and can help you determine what your next step should be. All calls are Confidential.

Note to Healthcare Professionals
The screening test above, called the SCOFF, has been validated in a primary care setting, but may also be administered in other settings. Oral and written administrations are both valid. The SCOFF picks up nearly 100% of anorexia and bulimia cases. It has a small false positive rate. It is therefore an excellent, rapid and cost-effective tool for identifying eating disorders.

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